Why the fastest growing revenue teams choose ActivitySource

Sophisticated sales and marketing teams are choosing ActivitySource to deliver the best direct, partner and channel sales experiences.

Why ActivitySource

Enable scale for any industry

Thanks to our 30+ years of sales transformation experience, we’ve designed a modern solution to address the real challenges faced by growing businesses as they scale their revenue teams.

Every business out there has a unique sales and marketing structure, and varying degrees of integration between the different functions. We’ve found though that despite these differences, the challenges every business face as they scale their revenue are largely the same.

Our products are focussed on ensuring the right people complete the right activities at the right time. This leads to increased sales conversions and a leaner and more efficient sales organisation.

For buyers

Transact on your terms

Buyers are demanding new ways of dealing with sellers. Give them access to your unique buying journey by exposing discovery orientated content and engaging prospects no matter the time of day.

For buyers who have made up their mind, this means by the time you pick them up, they’ve already completed your sales process and can go straight to opportunity won. This frees your team to spend time with the buyers that need it, thanks to the discovery that’s been completed (or not).

For Sellers

Measure what matters

All leads are not equal and no other set of products can make this more obvious to your sales teams. Our real-time perspectives let you monitor opportunities that will close themselves and enable you to rescue those that can’t quite get there. Meanwhile, buyers who know what they want get what they want, when they want. 

All of this is powered by the ActivitySource platform which has been designed to measure what matters and nothing more meaning you can win more opportunities with the investments you’ve already made. Benefit from the continuous feedback loop generated from millions of interactions in the Activity.Cloud.

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